National Popcorn Day FAQ

Is Garrett doing something for National Popcorn Day?
National Popcorn Day is Wednesday, January 19. To celebrate our fans, we’re kicking off the holiday on Friday, January 14 with special offers running through January 30 online and in shops.

Is there a promo code for online offers?
No promo code is needed! The online offers will be auto applied at checkout with pricing reflected in the cart.

Does this apply to Frango?
No, this offer is specific to Garrett Popcorn for National Popcorn Day.

What recipes are included in the Shop promotion?
All our recipes are discounted in celebration of National Popcorn Day, but only the Signature recipes are priced at the $24.95 promotional price (Garrett Mix, CaramelCrisp, CheeseCorn and Buttery). But we hate saying no to our fans! So, the same $9.05 discount is available for Classic tins of all our recipes, including Hot Cocoa CaramelCrisp ($25.95 after discount) and Nut CaramelCrisp Recipes ($40.95 after discount). In addition, you can select a sports tin design for a $3 upcharge.

Can I get a different size tin than Classic?
This promotion only applies to our Classic tin size, which has approximately 14 cups and has become our bestselling size.

Is this promotion available on Postmates or Uber Eats?
This promotion is exclusive to our Shops and is not available through these delivery partners. We do offer online ordering for pickup in our shops. Check our Shop hours and available menu here.