Our “fall favorite” recipe, Kettlecorn returns. This delicious recipe
will run through the month of October. Available in all tin sizes and select bundles. Kettlecorn is available 09/27/21@12:01am - 10/31/21@11:59pm CDT, cooking for a limited time only. 


1. What is Kettlecorn?
Kettlecorn is a fall-favorite recipe, cooked in our copper kettles for a perfect balance of sweet and salty in every crunchy bite.
2. How long is it available?
Our fall favorite recipe is available through 10/31 in our Shops and at
3. Can I mix it with something else?
At a Shop, we’re always able to customize your order just the way you like. Online,
we’ve provided three of our most popular combinations to make it easy to sample
Kettlecorn with another recipe (click here to shop).
4. Can I get a sample?
We do not offer samples; however, we have special bundles with Petite Tins of
Kettlecorn. Our Classic Tin of Garrett Mix with a Petite Tin of KettleCorn is very popular
– it’s a great way to try our limited time recipe with a signature favorite.
5. Is Kettlecorn Vegetarian?
Yes, Kettlecorn, CaramelCrisp, Buttery, Plain, and Nut CaramelCrisp recipes are vegetarian.
Buttery and Plain are vegan.